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Peeling Fabulous Lip Balm

We are Peeling Fabulous, and you will be too, with our new Peeling Fabulous Banana Lip Balm!!

Treat yo’ self, or buy a whole bunch for the office!

These sweet, delicious new balms are yours for just $2.50!

Make like a banana, and SPLIT- get yours before they’re gone!

Go Bananas, cause U DA BALM!


Pom Reader Lip Balm

We can read your POMs and we see some Pomegranate Lip Balm in your future!

This new flavor is sure to make you pull out your POM POMs and cheer for more!

Rich in health benefits, this new balm will keep your lips smooth and hydrated.

Treat yo’ self or grab a few early Christmas goodies for just $2.50 each!



Take it Like a Cran Lip Balm

Fall is just around the corner- and so are our favorite Fall treats!

It is time to Cran Up with our new Cranberry Lip Balm!

Our “Take it Like a Cran” lip balm is a soft, subtle way to introduce your lips to the Fall weather.

Packed with Vitamin C, this balm aids in fighting those early Fall colds.

Treat ‘yo self & grab a few for your coworkers ’cause U DA BALM!


The Incredible Pulp Lip Balm

Our new Orange lip balm is sweet, but packs a punch! With a refreshing taste rich in skin benefits, this new lip balm truly is INCREDIBLE.

If you think you can tackle this beast, visit the store to order your own for just $2.50!

Get one for yourself, or be the hero for the whole squad and grab a few!

This lip balm is all natural, handmade, petroleum free, gluten free, and palm oil free!

Orange we sweet?!

U DA BALM Y’all!


This is Pine-al Tap Lip Balm


Our new Pineapple Lip Balm is so sweet, you’ll be pining for more!

Packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, you are sure to feel the benefits!

Treat yo’self or show the bestie that they’re really FINEapple with a few tubes of their own!

Just $2.50 y’all.



Van on the Run Lip Balm

Vanilla Lip Balm Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Natural Flavor, Vitamin E Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the soothing and calming of irritated skin. It is also anti-bacterial, so it can contribute to reduction in skin infection and wound healing. Vanilla Beans contain Vanillin, a pholyphenol with anti-oxidant properties.


Wake Me Up Before You Coco Lip Balm

I need a vacation!

Our new Wake Me Up Before You Coco- Coconut Lip Balm brings the beach to you! The all natural, sweet coconut flavor takes us you to paradise with a smooth, summer scent!

Want a vacation too? Buy your own tube for just $2.50!

All natural, handmade, petroleum free, and gluten free and JUST IN TIME for Summer!

Treat yourself, or buy one for the whole fam!

Remember, U DA BALM!


We’ve Only Just Pecan Lip Balm

We are going nuts about Fall!

Our new Pecan Praline lip balm is a sweet treat to enjoy as the weather begins to chill.

Packed with antioxidants, this balm helps fight the free radical damage that might be lingering from our Summers in the sun!

Treat ‘yo self AND your friends, ’cause We’ve Only Just Pecan with our Fall flavors!!