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Black Raspberry and Vanilla Loofah Soap

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Product Description

Ingredients: Glycerin-based soap, Loofah, Black Raspberry Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Red Color, Purple Color

This soap is made using natural luffa. Luffa is a vegetable, related to the cucumber, that produces a large gourd rich in durable fibers. This results in the mildly abbrasive scrubber we all know as “loofah.” Loofah is great for exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This improves skins appearance, but more importantly, it eliminates places where bacteria and soil can collect.

Loofah also has properties that improve circulation, causing capillaries to expand from stimulation. Loofah is firm, but also elastic, meaning it is less likely to scratch skin than a harsher abrasive sponge.

Becky Parker

Becky Parker

Loved this soap! Very refreshing in the mornings! Love having Loofah in soap. Great product Chelsea!

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